Developer(s)HitPoint Inc.
Publisher(s)Microsoft Studios
Release date(s)?
DLCEpisode 2 (Free)
Episode 3 (Free)
PlatformsWindows 8
Adera was released worldwide (most countries) on ?. It is a click and point based game where you play through a journey. Adera contains 40 achievements, totaling up a measly 500G to be obtained.

Episode 1 (No DLC required) Edit

  • Lifesaver - Revive Hawk with a medkit
  • Ritual Chamber -
  • Quetzal Aflame -
  • Across the Chasm -
  • This Way, That Way -

Collectibles (No DLC required)Edit

  • Orb Heirloom -
  • Canyon Pass -

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