Release date(s)September 7th 2011
PlatformsXbox 360
Leedmees is a kinect game released by Konami in 2011. In the game, Players move their body to control an on-screen character to lead little creatures to a safety zone. Leedmees contains 12 achievements, totaling up to 200G to be obtained.


Main Story

  • Lesson Complete - Clear all stages in "A New Morning" (5G)
  • Veteran Player - Clear all stages in "High Noon" (5G)
  • Thanks for the Memories! - Clear all stages in "A Sleepless Night" (10G)
  • The More the Merrier! - Clear a multiplayer stage (10G)
  • Every Day's a Party! - Clear all multiplayer stages (10G)
  • SSSSSSS! - Clear 7 or more stages with Rank S (20G)
  • Gold Stamp - Clear all stages in a world (except for "A New Morning") with Rank S (20G)
  • World Domination - Clear all singleplayer stages with Rank S (20G)
  • Miracle Carnival - Clear all multiplayer stages with Rank S (20G)
  • Five-Star Restaurant - Lead 5 Leedmees with stars to the goal point simultaneously (20G)
  • The Destined Duo - Attain Rank S 5 times in a row in multiplayer stages (30G)
  • Savior of the Leedmees - Lead 2,000 Leedmees to goal points (30G)