PowerUp Heroes

Developer(s)Longtail Studios
Release date(s)October 7 2011
PlatformsXbox 360
PowerUp Heroes is a kinect game where your avatar gets put into a supersuit and you fight invaders. Once an enemy is defeated the player takes there power and can use it for themselves. PowerUp Heroes contains 13 achievements, totaling up to an average 1000G to be obtained.


Main Game

  • This is just the beginning - Win your first fight in Campaign Mode (25G)
  • Chain - Chain two Super Attacks (5G)
  • Super Chain - Chain two Super Attacks by changing Suit (20G)
  • Ultra Chain - Chain three Super Attacks by changing Suit (20G)
  • Ultimate Chain - Chain three Super Attacks by changing Suit twice (100G)
  • Fearless fighter - Won a match without dodging (50G)
  • The untouchable - Win a fight without bieng hit (75G)
  • No More Secrets - Perform the Super Attacks of all Suits and their X Version (100G)
  • Modernist - Gain enough experience points to reach Level 10 (200G)
  • You've Made it Halfway - Complete half of the Campaign Mode (100G)
  • You've beaten the world - Beat Every Opponet in Campaign Mode (200G)
  • Best of the Best - Start a Tournament and win first place (50G)


  • Here I am - Play an Online Ranked match and win (25G)

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